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The Period

Posted on: June 1, 2011

This application allows you to track your menstruation cycle and makes predictions on your next period dates. It also has a cute calendar to watch the future fertility dates for whom planning to get pregnant.

You can download the application from this link. You can also post your comments and requests to this thread.


17 Responses to "The Period"

The app is good but it could be better if you had the chance to write notes in a particular day.. let me know if you can upgrade it somehow, thanks!

Hi Kathy,
I’m taking your requests for now. A new update will appear in a month or less. Keep following the blog

The best menstruation tracker for Symbian! Cool UI!
Congratulations and keep up the good work!
Sugestions: A page with stats, backup possibility, …
Wiating for the next update =)


Hi Priscila,

I remember you from ovi store 😉 Thank you for your good comment. I’m taking your suggestions for now. I guess a new update will be ready in a month.


Two questions:

a) why does the app keep wanting to connect to internet?

b) the app has crashed and took the database with it. I no longer have the history, my previous phone got wiped. Is there a way to make a backup? Where is data stored?

Also, are themes simple? Can I just use any image as a background?

Hi, thanks for your comment.

My answers for your questions;

a) app tries to connect to internet to check if there is any new version with an interval of 3 days.

b) sorry but for now, the application keeps the whole data in its storage. for now I’m trying to add the back up functionality for the app to keep data on the internet.

and sorry again you cannot add your own image as a background. but I’ll take this request for the update. but I guess it won’t be on the next one for now.

hi,how can i get access to my data stored on the trial version? Need this for fertility info.

Hi Tracy,

Sorry but you cannot import the data from trial version to full version for now. But you can insert the same period dates as your previous periods. That will resolve your problem, I think.

Hope to add this functionality soon.

the only copy of the dates i have is stored in the trial version. How can i access this?

Nice app, that runs cleanly, one suggestion, most of these apps have the option to set a goal, ie concieve a boy, conceive a girl, or avoid pregnancy.

This would be a great addition to your app.

Currently it requires interpretation to use it for avoiding pregnancy.

HI there!!!!!!!!!!

I have a question for u, After using the trial version for few months, I liked it a lot and just bought the full version. However instead of overwritting the old application now I have two Apps.

Is there any way of transfering the information from the trial version to the full version so I don´t lose all the data I already stored in the App.

Thanks !!


I’m glad that you have liked it. The application does not overwrite the old one. Both have its own database, and unfortunately for now there is no option to transfer from one app to another. I’m currently working on it but It will not effect the old applications when it will be published, according to application structure. Sorry for that.

The application is very good but a matter of convenience would be good that was in Spanish. I’m from Argentina and I understand very little English jeje


Is it alright to place part of this on my personal blog if perhaps I publish a reference point to this web page?


I do not understand what do you want to place. Just a reference to my blog or publish a post about the app?

Can you give me your blog url?

Hi, very good aplication.
Is this aplication also in java?

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